Private Higher Educational Institution

IMU is oriented at highly motivated students and doctors.

IMU is based on the informational technologies. It has to meet three component objectives:

  1. Student must study state program and pass the State certified examinations;
  2. Student has to become professional, study the principles of clinical problem solution, study to pose and solve the problems of patient health;
  3. Student has to become master in informational and marketing technologies and enter successfully the medical market of Ukraine or country of his residence.

According the first objective there are no problems – it is traditional education system. Highly qualified professors will prepare students to the Step 1 and Step 2.

Second objective is realized by invitation in the frame of academic exchange outstanding scientists and practical doctors in the form of educational cycles. This approach will make our graduated doctors more successful than their counterparts from other Universities (they can more than the neighbor doctor), thus creating motivation to study.

Important component is dual education, when student starts his professional activity as early as possible, studying some operations, technologies of diagnostics and management while studying.

Each student is a scientist, has his personal scientific supervisor.

Academic Medicine combines in one complex scientific research, educational process (studies) and medical practice – this is the basis of IMU.

Informational technologies have to be initiated from the mastering of modern gadgets, studying their possibilities.

Next step has to be active participation in the world Internet educational process: there are a lot of different English education programs, including medical.

Site construction differs from writing of the article or book. Therefore, studies from the first year how to create selling web-sites after six years of studies will provide students lots of the experience how to sell the acquired knowledge, sure marketing and again additional motivation.

Finishing IMU student

  • will be able to start his professional activities;
  • have his personal Internet project in English and native languages;
  • evaluate the market and find the partners;
  • present yourself and your project;
  • earn money for your knowledge.

Online Alumni club

The price of the education is individual according to the services level, foreign tutorship cost more, high knowledge and activity result in discounts.

The frame of the prices is from 4.000$ to 8.000$.

Academic exchange

The price for doctors is 1.000$ per day (includes everything even cultural program).

Today we have next Programs for doctors academic exchange:

  1. Dizziness (from 1 day master-class to one month training course);
  2. Migraine (from 1 day master-class to one week training course);
  3. Neuroses including cardioneurosis (from 1 day master-class to one week training course);
  4. Magnetic sensitivity (1 day master-class);
  5. Types of tinnitus (1 day master-class);
  6. How to present your project in the internet (1 day master-class).