After proving PhD thesis in physiology dedicated to structure of sympathetic ganglion cholinoreceptors in 1982 we have got the request from Soviet Space Agency to develop the Vestibular evoked potentials method. This has been successfully done and has provided a mighty tool for aerospace professional selection, studying of occupational pathology in vibration disease: miners, tractor, track and car drivers (patients and simulators).

1986 – ten days after Chornobyl nuclear power catastrophe we started investigation of the Station stuff clean-uppers and citizens of the nearby territories. First the problem has been to sign the permission for high places activity, then – the delayed consequences of the low irradiation doses and the role of vestibular system. The monitoring time being more than 20 years and done as volunteer project (load the book). The principal shortcoming of the project has been the fact that it has been performed by the group of enthusiasts without wide state support.

1990 – we met Prof. Claus-Frenz Claussen (Bad Kissingen, Germany) at the meeting of Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society in Wuerzburg, Germany. He proposed to join his team and their assistance in the Chornobyl project. At that time Profs. Michel Toupet (Paris, France), Giorgio Guidetti (Modena, Italy), Doz. Dieter Schneider (Wuerzburg, Germany) have made great input into managing of the Chornobyl delayed consequences. Joint project has also allowed Ukrainian specialists to study German and International clinical experience and further improvement of diagnostic devices. Thus, combination of the Nystagmography with Cranio-Corpography appeared.

1991 – till today – private clinical studies of vestibular system in different population groups: clerks, post stroke, metabolic disorders (diabetes and thyroidites), computer specialists (monitor disease), persons with high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

2013 – Maidan of Destiny and war against Russian aggression, stress and head trauma patients, delayed consequences of mild blast injury syndrome. Again at volunteer basis, again with small group of enthusiasts.

The experience of the previous years and today results allowed creating the training course, International Clinical Protocol on Vestibular Disorders, series of books and articles, diagnostic devices and management technologies. All this bulk of knowledge wants initiating of Information Medical University to study the doctors. Your support and recommendations should be greatly appreciated.