Blast Injury Syndrome

Blast Injury Syndrome (T70.8, according to International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10), especially its mild forms, is wide spread not only among military personnel, but also in all types of professional and occupational activities using explosives, including firecrackers. It is important for many countries. In acute period imbalance, kinetoses, descendophobia, nausea, vomiting, type III tinnitus and headaches are more expressed.

Type III tinnitus non-mascable, related to hyperacousia, has indicated the primary cochlea hair cells irritation, which later transformed into their degeneration manifested by type II tinnitus. In delayed period (in the order of expression decrease): depression, type II tinnitus, objective vertigo, anxiety, agoraphobia and subjective vertigo were prominent.

Because of Russian aggression in Ukraine we suggest up to 1.500.000 (one million five hundred thousand persons have survived close mine explosions). All of them need monitoring and expensive medications as well as further studies of the problem and its management. That is why we announce the money accumulation for this purpose.

Please be as kind as to indicate if you want your money to be used for science organization of new centers or medication for sufferers.

You can also read the article “Vestibular disturbances after blast injury (mild traumatic brain injury mTBI)”

Devices for diagnostics of sensory systems condition

We have developed and patented the devices for recording Vestibular (true vestibular not VEMP) and Olfactory Evoked Potentials (sensitivity 90%+). Another patented device is combination of Video Nystagmography with Cranio-Corpo-Graphy (sensitivity 95%).

Magnetic Evoked Potentials are in the R&D phase. These inventions have crucially improved the level of diagnostics of vestibular and olfactory dysfunctions and thus increased the treatment effectivity of our patients. We need money to start serial production of these devices and possibility to implement these methods in every University.

Informational Medical University

We need to study doctors and students all the best achievements we have. We know doctors and specialists in Ukraine and worldwide, who might help them. We need money to initiate.

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