Shenny Bhatia, Deepika Sharma, Vipan Gupta

Migraine related vertigo is the second most common cause of recurrent vertigo after BPPV with the considerable impact on the daily life activities and well being of the patient. In spite of being common cause of recurrent vertigo it is still an under diagnosed condition.

Treatment of MRV is challenging due to variability in the nature, duration and severity of vestibular symptoms. Here we present three cases of Migraine related vertigo, 1 male and 2 female patients who underwent thorough history and clinical examination, neuro-otological evaluation, vestibular and audiological tests.

They were diagnosed on the basis of International classification of headache Disorders (ICHD) where these patients met the criteria for migraine. Among the investigations conducted these patients showed decreased Vitamin D3 Levels in 2 of the three cases.

The Patients were treated with Magnesium Glycine complex and vitamin D3 tablets for 4 weeks initially and reviewed. All the 3 patients showed significant improvement.

Migraine related Vertigo responsive to Magnesium Glycine complex and Vitamin D3 – Case studies
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