Dizziness & Vertigo

Differential objective diagnosis individual management including delayed consequences

20 types of dizziness

Instrumentally documented 20 types of dizziness, approach to individual therapy


Instrumental differential diagnostics, management and outcome

Guidelines on dizziness and space orientation disorders

includes new concept of vestibular system, etiology and pathogenesis of its dysfunction, diagnostic methods, pharmacological therapy and rehabilitation

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45th International Congress

45th International Congress of Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society Reg. (NES) with Vertigo Academy International participation to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine 23-26 May 2018 at the Golf Center, Obolonska Naberezhna (Heroes of Stalingrad) 10, Kyiv.

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Management of Vestibular Disorders (Dizziness)

Management of Vestibular Disorders (Dizziness)

Dizziness − is not one symptom or disease. It means a big variety of naughty sensations related to the pathology of the vestibular system. Among them are vertigo, faintness, balance disturbances, giddiness or pseudo-vertigo, some authors use lightheadedness, though there

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Contents: Inauguration speeches, lectures, articles, summaries and master-clases.

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Congratulations on an excellent effort and publication. The sections on terminology, categorization of vestibular disorders, treatment options for each category, central vestibular testing bibliography – all are highlights.

Prof. Abraham Shulman, M.D., F.A.C.S. SUNY, N.Y., USA

Your project is impressive. De Facto it is not a documnte buta a “white book” on the state of art of neurootology.

Prof. Dario Carlo Alpini, researcher ENT-Otoneurology Service Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy

Excellent overview of dizziness! I mean excellent. I struggle daily with trying to educate my medical professionals on the differentiation of dizziness – your explanation is outstanding and I would like your permission to disseminate to my medical professionals in Nevada. Thank you for all your work.

Prof. Brian Werner, PT, MPT, Nevada, USA

Selected cases

Difficult patient’s cases which God has helped us to manage with successful